PPC Specialist Salary Trends for 2022: Fresher and Experienced

So, what is the significance of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and PPC Course? How does it assist businesses in reaching their target audience more quickly? Let us get right to work. Approximately half of the internet users who were directed to a retailer’s website through a paid link are more likely to make a purchase than those who arrived at that website organically.

One-third of people prefer to click on paid links because it is the quickest way to find answers to their questions. When you stop paying for ads in favor of organic marketing, you lose about 90% of the traffic that comes from paid ads.

Almost 75% of businesses worldwide agree that PPC is a significant driver of their revenue. Approximately 65% of businesses have increased or intend to increase their PPC spending in the next six months. In 2019, businesses around the world spent around