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4 Ways Technology May Impact the Future of the Insurance Industry

With the emergence of smart technology in the insurance industry, the industry is experiencing exponential growth just like every other industry that has come in contact with advanced technology.

According to, with this growth pattern, it is becoming obvious that advancements in the use of technology for insurance purposes and businesses will continue to remain an intrinsic component for the insurance industry’s growth, benefits and their customers alike.

The insurance opinions are that even with this recorded success in the insurance industry, the use of technology is still going to impact the industry immensely even in the coming years. Today, many insurance companies are striving towards the digital terrain, using many of the advanced technological devices and tools to foster business and relationships with their customers and workers.

Insurers are using these tools to gain an edge on the inherent growing competition within the insurance sector and cover …

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Don’t be so quick to diss cash belts — I by no means travel without one. I just have the kind that tucks UNDER my clothes so no one knows it’s there and I can have my …