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Why is CTA button placement so important for high conversion rate

If we are talking about a well designed and successful website, one of the most important things is a CTA button. This button can have a direct link to sales, so that position is the key to success. These are some of the CTA buttons that you may already:

  • Download buttons
  • Add to cart buttons
  • Free trial sign-up buttons

CTA button placement is very important, and here is how to upgrade your site with this button:

Use Text To Encourage Your Users To Take Action 

The meaning of this button (Call To Action) is also an explanation of why this text is used. It attracts users to click it and see what’s next. When we see words like “submit”, “get”, “enter”, “try”, or any other, we will most likely do it out of curiosity. Add the element of urgency to keep your users focused on the action. Web design agency Chicago suggests using large letters that attract attention because, according to some research, small letters make people feel a little bit uncomfortable. 

Add Some Bonus Text 

Sometimes it would be good to add some extra text to intrigue users. Try something that will surely attract them, like how to spend less money or use your services for free (“No credit card required,” “30-day trial”, or “Start your free trial”). It’s better to use an additional button for PayPal or any other payment type – it’s called a cart button. Creating a sense of urgency will induce users to press the CTA button. Use something like “Sign Up And Get 50{95f6144db3ce77851c78961f92d1dc098e8fd53120fcc2433af85747d5f87c4a} Off Today Only”.  

Make A Hierarchy 

You will have some other buttons on your website that are not CTA buttons. Remember that these non-CTA buttons should be less attention-grabbing and that your main button needs to be the biggest and the brightest.    

Pay Attention To Your Color Scheme And Design

Depending on which colors you use on your website, you can choose the right color. It’s simple – use your imagination and try to make some contrast between colors. Some researchers say that the best color for the CTA button is green. Be free to combine some new elements that match your style. 

Try To Add Some Details To Your CTA Button  

Just a small detail and additions to your design can upgrade the whole looking of your button. This means that it will be more attractive to your users if you add some small symbols like arrows, graphics, or something characteristically for your company.

Now, when you learned these necessary steps to upgrade your CTA button, it’s time to say something about its placement.

Placement Of Your Call To Action Button

Shortly, its position needs to be at a prominent place on your website. It would be best if you placed it:

  • Above the fold- This means that you need to place it somewhere that anyone can see without scrolling. To make this happen, you need to pay attention to your button’s size, to be big enough to be seen, but not too big.
  • Below the fold- When we are talking about some products that require more details and the user scrolls down to read your explanation, he will see this button.

Well, once you’ve followed these steps, your CTA button will directly impact your high conversion rate. It helps you grow your online business, so the first step is to imagine your goal, and that is to attract more users to your website, and you need to go for it by optimizing your CTA button first.