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A 2022 review of CenturyLink Internet connection

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CenturyLink is known for providing its customers with two different Internet plans. The first plan is the DSL connection which offers 100 Mbps Internet speed and is available for $50 monthly. The other plan is the fiber connection available at $65 monthly and provides up to 940 Mbps Internet connection. Among the places where CenturyLink is active of them are Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Washington, and North Carolina.

Centering does not impose any data caps or contract on its customers. The benefit of no data cap Is that the customer does not have to worry about the data getting over in the middle of the month. This is especially important if the customer is working from home or is engaged in online schooling. The new contract option of CenturyLink is like the cherry on the top. The customers are free to subscribe to CenturyLink for as long as they want. Then they can leave the service of CenturyLink without any termination fee hassle.

Currently, CenturyLink has been ranked as the fourth largest telecommunication business in the nation of the United States. It is amongst the top Internet service providers. Since CenturyLink only provides fiber and DSL connections, the internal bundles of CenturyLink are a little on the expensive side. Furthermore, CenturyLink’s fiber services are active in only certain regions right now. However, they are working very hard to expand that fiber. Amongst the top cities where CenturyLink has the most coverage are Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Tuscany, Denver, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington. CenturyLink is also utilizing the infrastructure of the phone lines to provide Internet connection to many religions as well.

Suppose you compare CenturyLink with the other providers. You will notice that the main selling point of CenturyLink is consistent pricing with no hidden fees. Therefore, with CenturyLink you will get exactly what you have paid for. Check out centurylink kansas city missouri if you are living in Kansas city.

In those regions where the fiber connection CenturyLink is active, the customers have the option of either opting for the fiber connection or the DSL connection. However, there is a price difference between the two as well. There are no data caps impsed on the fiber and DSL connection.

CenturyLink actively tries to keep the network in control. If there is any congestion, they try to ensure a fair distribution of the network resources. Thus, the speed may be limited sometimes. As per their data, the congestion most often occurs between 7 PM and 11 PM. Therefore, during this time, they limit the speed for everyone on the network node that has been impacted. 

If you compare the price of CenturyLink to the other Internet subscriber, you will realize that CenturyLink charges less. However, the insulation paint is present. It is the most expensive one. The prepaid plan CenturyLink costs up to $125, while if you offer the posted plan, you will have to pay $99 per month. The charge of the plants is determined by the network technology that is being used at every location. At some places, self-installation may not be an option. Thus, the customer will have to pay the entire charge.

Since there are no contracts to worry about, there are no termination fees to worry about even.


All CenturyLink plans, the modem, which can be leased for $10 a month or bought for a $150 one-time fee. If you wish to stay with CenturyLink for longer than 15 months, buying the modem is better. However, if you are not sure as to whether you want to stay with CenturyLink or not, a lease would be the preferable option.

CenturyLink also has the option of allowing customers to use their own modem. However, you must first check if your modem is compatible with CenturyLink. For this, you can go to the CenturyLink website and check the compatible modems.

Advantages and features of CenturyLink

CenturyLink also provides Internet security along with the Internet service package. All the CenturyLink subscriptions involve basic Norton Internet security, which will protect you from malicious activities when you are online. The customer Internet protection program of CenturyLink prevents any dangerous software like malware and viruses from infecting your computer. All small business and home broadband service packages include this program.

If CenturyLink identifies malware or viruses, they will not only alert the customer and help them resolve the problem; they will also educate the customer on how to prevent such future infections. You can also access this help in CenturyLink’s online and self-help tutorials.

CenturyLink involves Internet and desktop security, PC assistance, and a five GB online data backup option.

All of the above-mentioned services are part of the advance plan of CenturyLink. The advance plan includes 50 GB cloud storage, extended modem warranty, operating system maintenance, ultimate PC safety, etc.