A review of the best available android Apps

Android tablets and phones are handheld devices with the capability of performing lots of functions. By installing the right app in your android phone, you can transform it into a graphic design canvas, mobile workstation, movie theatre or almost anything that you intend. This has been made possible by the robust nature of the processors that android devices have nearly matching laptop processors. Android devices also feature top-notch displays and powerful cameras. Ensure your phone meet the specification that certain apps require for the best experience. Purchasing your phone from reputable shops is key to helping one select the right phone. Checking online reviews will help you choose reliable stores and shops to buy your android phone tablets and answer questions such as is affordable mobiles legit. Always have a look at a list of electronic stores reviews. This article reviews some of the best android apps available.


Those searching for a great weather app should try out 1Weather. It features a paginated, simple design that indicates the current weather and predicts for up to 12 weeks. A user also benefits from standard notifications of severe weather that alerts in case of adverse weather conditions such as when a storm is approaching. A user doesn’t have to struggle using the app as it has got a simple and minimal design, enabling one to view the weather with great ease. With the free version, you will get to enjoy all the apps features with adverts. If you wish to remove adverts, you’ll be charged $1.99.

Google Maps and Waze

Google Maps is arguably the best navigation app and one of the best android apps overall. It is updated frequently almost weekly, with updates bringing more additions. With Google maps, you will appreciate a variety of features including directions to places including gas stations, the gym or anywhere else you may be going to. You’ll get traffic data, and now it is also possible to get offline maps. Waze also offers a great experience, with lots of features, which will leave you not looking for any other navigation app when combined with those of Google maps. Waze is owned and operated by Google.


This is the largest social network globally. With Facebook’s decent app, you will be able to get into instant chats, with family and friends and receive push notifications that will keep you informed. In your free time, you can get into the app and share content with your network. Pairing Facebook with messenger will give you a great communication experience.


Streaming enthusiasts will not leave out Netflix in their list of to have apps. It’s one of the best video streaming service available and offers a great selection of Netflix TV shows and movies with superb performances. From the app, you’ll access lots of content from old favourites to exceptional exclusive content. You will get entertained from $9 a month from this android app and from $16 access 4K content.


When you talk of music apps, Spotify is most likely the first name that will come into mind. It is an android app that offers a considerable selection of music on offer, from music from upcoming artists to huge releases. The platform also supports some podcasts. There is a free version, but you will be required to subscribe at $10 a month to enjoy an ad-free experience. The family household plan is available for $15 month. Students can get an account at a low cost of $5 a month.

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is an app that will suit Podcast fans. This android app has virtually every podcast that you will think of. It is an easy to use app with a practical and simple interface, multiple organizational featured, lots of download features and a premium version you will pay for once only. Podcast Addict allows a user to search for podcast individually, browse by category, and easily set up a playlist and to set download rules. The app supports Chrome cast and SONOS together with wear OS and Android Auto.

Brave Privacy Browser

Brave Privacy Browser is the browser to go for if you are looking for a browser that will protect your privacy and security while browsing. It features built-in ad blockers, scripts, pop-ups and third-party cookies. It also ensures all your connection is secure by implementing the HTTPS extension everywhere.

In conclusion, android phones are a game-changer and coupled with the right app. You can do almost everything that you desire with them.