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How to Use your Drone Safely?

Are you taking your drone on vacation? Find the rules in force to know before using it! To ensure the good safety of your drone, but also that of people on the ground and for the respect of privacy and image rights, it is very important to know the rules around the use of drones. Here are some rules to always keep in mind when using your drone.

Fly the Drone in Airspace

As a matter of principle, an aircraft must be registered. However, an aircraft traveling without a person on board and whose mass does not exceed 25 kilograms is not subject to registration. A drone is not allowed to fly anywhere! As any drone service provider in Marseille and Provence, you must follow a few rules to avoid collisions and other damage. For remotely piloted aircraft, the maximum flight height is 150m and may be reduced depending on the environment.

There are flight bans over certain areas for military or public security reasons (airports, nuclear power plants, etc.). You can find the areas subject to prohibition or restriction on this map external link. This case is punishable by 6 months imprisonment and a fine of € 15,000 for clumsiness and negligence. This penalty is increased to one year’s imprisonment and a fine of € 45,000 if the drone is intentionally kept over such areas. Moreover, it is forbidden to fly your drone at night.

The Protection of Property and People on the Ground

Flying over people is prohibited. It is also forbidden to fly your remotely piloted aircraft in built-up areas above public space. Aerial photography is possible during a flight whose objective remains leisure or competition. However, the images cannot be used for commercial purposes. In addition, it is forbidden to film or photograph people without their authorization at the risk of invading their privacy, which is punishable by one year’s imprisonment and a fine of € 45,000.

Why Hire a Drone Service Provider?

As you can see, a drone cannot be used just any way. In addition to the technical skills that it takes to make great aerial images, there are rules that must be followed. For the holidays, you can naturally take your drone to capture some highlights of the trip. But for more formal events, it is better to call in an expert in the field. This way, you can enjoy the moment with your guests and you will have premium quality drone footage. Images taken by a professional drone pilot are also more flattering for businesses.