Make a Modern and Effective CV in 2022

To stand out during your job search, we advise you to create a powerful and up-to-date CV. Below are the best tips for achieving this goal. A good curriculum vitae will give you the best chance of landing your dream job.

Use an Online CV Creator

You do not have to be a designer to present a cutting-edge CV. There are specialized sites on the internet that offer modern and effective CV templates. You just have to choose the right cv template for you according to your profile, your personality and the position sought. Word processing software such as Word (Microsoft) or Pages (MAC) will allow you to create an infinite number of models with professional results. But it takes time and requires some graphic skills. Otherwise, you will just waste your time. Using a CV template is free and efficient at the same time.

Use a Modern CV Font

Which font to use to create a modern CV? Whatever the type of position or the sector for which you apply, clarity remains essential. Avoid fonts that are too artistic, fancy or creative, which are reserved for other communication media. Stay with a fairly neutral and modern font choice such as Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman or Calibri. Keep in mind that recruiters read dozens of resumes a day, make it easier for them by offering a font that is pleasant to read! These fonts also have the advantage of being very present on the web environment, therefore they are better detectable by our brains! You can also play with 2 different fonts, one for the titles and the other for the body text for example. This will make it easier to read the different sections of the curriculum vitae, which is often read diagonally!

Use a Modern Colour

The colour will give life and personality to your resume, but we advise you not to exceed 3 colours on the document. This would create information overload for the person reading it, and therefore counter-productivity. In addition, many CVs are printed in black and white before being read, so do not bet everything on colour even if it is important! If you are looking to create a modern and elegant CV, go for pastel tones, which reflect a more professional image, especially for executive or managerial positions. Use coloured backgrounds to give relief to certain parts of the resume: contact, columns, footers, etc.