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MilesWeb’s Self-Managed VPS Hosting: Best for Tech Savvy and Money Savvy People

Online presence is the most important component to stay ahead in the competition. If your business isn’t online, you are not known to the world. Having a website offers benefits such as reaching to global audience, 24*7 service to customers, work from any location, no restricted timings for the stores to open, etc. 

Already have your business website? Then you are already a step further. Is your website crashing due to the unexpected traffic? It’s time to upgrade from a shared server to a VPS that can handle high volume of visitors. Your website can handle high traffic only when it is hosted on a lightning-fast and superior performance hosting solution.  With a VPS, you get the power, functionality and reliability similar to a dedicated server but at an affordable price. VPS hosting is of two types: self-managed VPS and managed VPS. 

VPS Hosting Explained 

VPS also known as the Virtual Private Server is a server that offers resources similar to a dedicated server with the help of virtualization technology. A physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers where each of the virtual server functions as an independent server with allocated resources.  If you want to host your website or application on VPS, only your website will be present on a virtual server and will get dedicated storage, operating system, RAM, CPU and bandwidth. You can install different software packages as per your needs and can customize your server as per your needs. 

Managed VPS Explained 

As per the name, managed VPS is a type of VPS in which you don’t have to manage the server related tasks as it will be taken care of by the hosting provider.    

When you give the complete responsibility of managing the VPS to the web host, it reduces your burden of managing all the tasks. Let’s take the real-life example of auto-pilot feature for understanding the working of managed VPS. When you take-off, the auto-pilot mode manages everything and helps the plane to understand the path, manage the height, speed and does all the required modifications to ensure that the plane flies without any hassle.  

This reduces much of the workload of the pilot. Similarly, when your web hosts manages the server for you such as server monitoring, maintenance, updates, etc. you can focus on your business growth. 

Self-Managed VPS Explained 

In self-managed VPS, you are the whole and sole responsible for managing the server related tasks such as management and maintenance of it. Your web host will look into the physical server and its availability. You need to have the technical skills or a specialized team for managing the server if you select self-managed VPS hosting.  

Best unmanaged VPS hosting is only suitable if you have a well-established business and have the technical experts on board.  

About MilesWeb 

MilesWeb, an award-winning web hosting provider was established in 2012. It is an independent web host that meets every business needs by offering various web hosting solutions. shared, reseller, dedicated cloud, WordPress, self-managed and cheap managed VPS hosting  are the webhosting services offered by them. With over 28,000 plus customers using their services, they ensure that you get high performance for your website.  

For VPS hosting, MilesWeb offers both self-managed and managed VPS hosting. But here we will take a look at self-managed VPS hosting. 

Self-Managed VPS Hosting Plans 



Choice of Operating Systems: You can select your preferred operating system from CentOS, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu. 

Choice of Control Panel: They offer different control panels for managing your website. You can select from cPanel, Plesk and Webuzo control panels to manage your website.  

Cloud-Based VPS Server: Their self-managed VPS hosting plans are based on a cloud infrastructure and therefore, you get to experience the flexibility of cloud and the power of a dedicated server.  

Enterprise-Grade Hardware: Their VPS server is built with SSD technology and Intel Xeon Processors and 128GB of RAM per server.  

Solid-State Drives: All need to get the best performance for their website. Therefore, MilesWeb offers solid state drives on their servers. They deliver powerful and faster performance for your website by using flash technology. 

SSH and Root Access: They offer complete command over your VPS with SSH and root access.  

Resource Monitoring Dashboard: With the simple and user-friendly dashboard, you can reboot VPS, monitor memory usage, check server status and manage other server configurations. 

Host Unlimited Websites: Multiple virtual servers can be deployed under the same account. It means you can host multiple website on your single VPS account.  

Instant Provisioning: When you place an order, instantly their technical team will setup your VPS account. 

No Setup Fee: They don’t charge for deploying the VPS setup. You only have to pay for the VPS plan that you select. 

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MilesWeb’s self-managed VPS hosting is the best for those who are technically skilled and planning to save money over VPS hosting.