PPC Specialist Salary Trends for 2022: Fresher and Experienced

So, what is the significance of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and PPC Course? How does it assist businesses in reaching their target audience more quickly? Let us get right to work. Approximately half of the internet users who were directed to a retailer’s website through a paid link are more likely to make a purchase than those who arrived at that website organically.

One-third of people prefer to click on paid links because it is the quickest way to find answers to their questions. When you stop paying for ads in favor of organic marketing, you lose about 90% of the traffic that comes from paid ads.

Almost 75% of businesses worldwide agree that PPC is a significant driver of their revenue. Approximately 65% of businesses have increased or intend to increase their PPC spending in the next six months. In 2019, businesses around the world spent around $106 billion on search ads alone. Businesses that spent $1 on paid advertising received an average return of $2.

Salary Trends for PPC Analysts

The United States and the United Kingdom are two of the world’s largest business markets. Most, if not all, businesses in these two countries have an online presence, which is why PPC and digital marketing are critical to their success. Businesses in these countries rely on digital marketing to bring in more customers than any other method. As a result, digital marketing consumes a sizable portion of their total marketing budget. This trend indicates that PPC analysts will be well compensated. Let’s see what happens.

In the United States, the average annual salary for a PPC analyst is around $47,344 per year. However, the salary range for PPC-related roles is between $37,000 and $98,000 per year. The availability of different roles for PPC-skilled professionals can explain such a difference in the lower and upper limits.

So, depending on your experience, you could begin your career as a PPC analyst and progress to positions such as PPC specialist, marketing manager, director of marketing, and others. There are a lot of opportunities to advance as a PPC professional. However, you must ensure that you continue to learn new skills. You can’t expect to grow if you don’t learn. Your career will become uninteresting.

A PPC analyst’s annual base salary in the UK is approximately £27,137. It could be up to 30,000 pounds per year or more, depending on your experience, skills, and location. London pays the highest salaries for PPC analysts and has the most job openings. Let us now look at how much India pays its PPC analysts.

Salary of a PPC Analyst in India

In India, the average base salary for a PPC analyst is around Rs 2,85,000 per year, plus Rs 20,000 in bonuses. Your salary as a PPC analyst can range from Rs 60,000 to Rs 6,04,000 per year, depending on how long you’ve been in digital marketing, how good you are at running PPC campaigns, and what your track record shows in terms of the ROI you can deliver with a specific marketing budget.

If you don’t have relevant experience, have just started your career in paid advertising, or have switched digital marketing fields, you could be paid as much as Rs 1,76,000 per year. You must understand that a company will only trust you with its money for paid search campaigns if it believes you will bring them more traffic and, eventually, more business.

As previously stated, the field of paid search marketing is extremely competitive. Businesses that spend money on these advertisements typically require a guarantee of return. As a result, the role of a PPC analyst becomes even more critical. As a PPC analyst, you manage your employer’s paid advertising function, which is important because you are a part of something that involves direct spending. Let us now calculate the difference in PPC analysts’ pay for various locations.

Dependent on location

You must comprehend how these statistics and trends work. All of the studies, surveys, and trends we’ve shared with you contain nuggets of wisdom. As a result, the figures for PPC analyst salaries in various locations conceal a great deal. You must understand why a specific location pays its PPC analysts more than others. And why is there such a disparity in pay between these locations? Let’s take a look at these numbers first.

As a result, if you work as a PPC analyst in Ahmedabad, you will most likely be paid approximately 26% more than the average PPC analyst salary in India. Similarly, a PPC analyst in New Delhi earns approximately 23% more than the national average. Pune is also on this list, with salaries that are 15% higher than the national average. There would be locations that would pay their PPC analysts at or below the national average.

So, what is the source of this disparity? The presence of digital marketing companies that offer PPC services is the primary reason. Another reason could be the large number of clients that these businesses serve. More clients requesting PPC services would necessitate the availability of more PPC analysts. The salary, on the other hand, can vary depending on the type and size of the company with which you work.

PPC Analyst Salary: Skill-Based

SEM, or search engine marketing, is one of the most in-demand skills for PPC analysts. It can help you earn around Rs 3,60,000 per year, which is 26% more than the average base salary. You can easily take up an online class and learn the skills you need to move up in your job.

Other skills, however, are no longer as important. In other words, employers expect you to have these skills and are unwilling to pay you more for them. As a PPC analyst, you should be familiar with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Pay-Per-Click analysis.


Paid search advertising or marketing is an essential component of any company’s marketing efforts. Every company must make the best use of its marketing budget, particularly when it comes to PPC. As a result, the importance of a PPC analyst should never be underestimated.