Vista Speed Up ? How To Speed Up Windows Vista The Quick And Easy Way

Want to perform a Vista speed up procedure? I often think of new ways to make my computer run faster. The problem with our lightning quick, just out of the box CPU is it gets slow and sluggish over time. And Windows Vista especially which has a lot of hardware resources that can slow down CPU speeds. Here are some simple speed tweaks you can make to speed up Windows Vista. There is also a program that can perform these functions for you, which can speed up Vista in no time at all.

Get rid of unused or unneeded programs. We often download lots of different software that sounds cool but we rarely use. Don?t fool yourself, just get rid of them. You also want to remove programs from your startup commands that automatically run every time you power Vista on. You can always run these programs from the Start menu if you need to. This will free up a lot of RAM which will improve Windows Vista speed.

Run a disk defragmenter. Windows Vista actually comes with a built in defrag software. I would not recommend using it. The program has been universally panned by tech critics alike. I would recommend using software like the program below. Once a month, before you go to bed, run the program and let it go overnight. This is an easy way to speed up Windows Vista.

Clean Vista registry. The Vista registry does not have an internal cleaning tool. As you download or install new software and hardware, the registry becomes filled with corrupt and redundant information. This is where a Windows Vista registry cleaner comes in. The #1 step you can take to perform a Vista speed up is scan and remove all errors in your registry. This will clear up the congestion that is slowing down your computer speed.

These are all some Vista speed tweaks that everyone should be conducting to speed up Windows Vista. If you are a little lazy like me, I recommend using software to perform the steps for you. You can completely automate the maintenance of your computer. Not only will it improve Windows Vista speed, it will prevent windows error messages, blue screens, and computer crashing. The best part is you can simply set it and forget it. Scan your computer for free below and perform a Vista speed up the easy way!